Left for Dead لعبة الرعب و الاكشن كاملة على رابط واحد يدعم الاستكمال + صور

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Left for Dead لعبة الرعب و الاكشن كاملة على رابط واحد يدعم الاستكمال + صور

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Left 4 Dead Full Rip

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What is Left 4 Dead? - Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer cooperative survival horror shooter by Valve Corporation based on the Source engine released for the PC and Xbox 360 on November 18, 2008 in the U.S. and November 21, 2008 in Europe.
Cooperative survival horror shooter? - You play as one of four Survivors that must work together to survive. Most levels have your team of 4 trying to go from point A to B, during which you will be attacked by an onslaught of the Infected (zombies). The pacing has been described as like Counter-Strike Source. Teammates will need to work together by not only just shooting enemies, but by having the ability to heal each other, help each other climb up ledges, pick each other up when one gets knocked down, etc.
Zombies? - The Infected. They are not undead or reanimated corpses.. they are human victims of a new rabies virus which makes them extremely aggressive and mindless. They are not slow hulking movie-type zombies, but fast (think 28 Days Later), vicious and smart. In addition to the hordes of AI controlled infected (reports say up to 40 can be seen at once), there will also be four "boss infected" characters that will either be controlled by AI or by real players in Versus mode, depending on the number of people on the server. These four are the Boomer, Hunter, Smoker and Tank.

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